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Past Life Therapy

What is Past Life Therapy?

Past life therapy or more commonly known as Past Life Regression is a technique which takes a person back through time to a previous life (ie. before their present lifetime) by using hypnosis.

This is a clinical intervention and can be used if someone believes that their problems are the results of events experienced in a previous existence. Once in a past life, the therapist guides you through the important events that you feel are having a bearing on the current problem. As always, you are in control and can come out of hypnosis whenever you wish. 


Why do people want to be regressed?

The reasons for wanting a past life regression range from pure curiosity to wanting an answer for an unexplained fear or phobia where the origins cannot be placed in this lifetime.  Some people have fragmentated past life memories which come to them in reoccurring dreams.  A strange familiarity with places they have never been to before but know like the back of their hand often raises the question of past lives.  Familiarities with strangers, a strong sense of knowing drives many people to question the existence of previous lifetimes.

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