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Self-Hypnosis & Meditation Practice

hypnotherapy wellbeing | Self Hypnosis and meditation practice

What is Self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a form of deep relaxation that uses visualisation techniques to help make positive changes in the unconscious mind. It is  just like meditation in many ways. Anyone can take themselves into this wonderful relaxed state! All you need is a quiet place and practice. You can either sit or lay down whichever is more comfortable for you.

As part of your hypnotherapy treatment you will  be taught self-hypnosis.  This will enable you to continue moving forward in between treatments. This practice will provide you with an invaluable skill to cultivate a more positive mindset. Developing a regular practise will help you make lasting positive changes to behaviour and habits.

When the body and mind are relaxed, you can access the subconscious mind and introduce positive thoughts, ideas and suggestions that will help you towards achieving your goals.


Benefits of Self-hypnosis

  • Relaxes body and mind

  • Calms the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Allows you to think more clearly

  • Helps you to get things into perspective

  • Opens the mind to new ideas

I have seen positive changes in clients that undertake a regular practise. Even 5 minutes a day can ignite subtle changes in how you see things and respond.  I cannot encourage people enough to take up this practise. I like to think of self-hypnosis and meditation as muscle work and maintenance of your mind!

Just one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”  Dalai Lama

The only limit is your mind " Anonymous

Meditation Testimonials

"I’m a relative newcomer to Mo’s guided meditation Zoom sessions but they quickly helped me achieve a much calmer and clearer state of mind. Mo’s style is non-pompous, straightforward, gentle, soothing and humorous  - and when one of the group is struggling with something, she is excellent at subtly adapting the session to add just the right amount of support, while still being appropriate for the rest of the group.

Zoom seems a really good medium for learning to meditate - and you don’t have to have your camera on unless you want to (although all of our group currently do - which again is testament to Mo’s ability to create a warm and safe environment). As Mo says - what happens in meditation, stays in meditation!"

Jacky - Cheshire

“I find the classes very relaxing and absorbing. I’m lucky that I don’t feel I have any personal problems at the moment, but nothing is permanent, and I’m looking to the meditation training I’m getting to help me in the future as and when the need arises”

Alan P

“Mo is an exceptional teacher. I’ve struggled with meditation in the past but I’ve found the guided sessions with Mo far more accessible and extremely beneficial.

During the sessions, which are varied and interesting, Mo teaches strategies and techniques that can be used to cope with the pressures that most people experience at some stage in their lives, like anxiety, negative thoughts, self-doubt, guilt and the general overload of a frantic schedule.

Mo is empathetic, encouraging and supportive, (and often very funny) and although I am relatively new to meditation,  a session with Mo leaves me feeling far more relaxed, less anxious and with a much clearer mind. It’s a bit like stepping off a running machine into the tranquillity of the countryside - definitely worth doing”

Sharon W

"Mo has a calming manner and introduces different ways to help the class access the meditation. For instance when my dog died last year she incorporated a section of the meditation dedicated to helping me cope with my loss without mentioning the actual details. I found it extremely comforting.

Mo helps us to visualise ways that can assist us to relax and focus on our breathing.

During the pandemic I have found the guided meditation sessions very helpful."

Sharon C - Cheshire

"I often attempted Meditation and the focus on breathing and being present, something the 21st century connected-life-connected-world battles against. My own journey through those global pressures saw me fall into the oh so terrifying abyss of anxiety and depression. 

Working with Mo and her guided meditations helps to bring structure and calming to my ongoing recovery. Structure through the regular sessions and the calming and support that comes from the meditation itself. A relaxing and grounding introduction that brings focus and presence of mind with a welcome to set your own intention or simply let the session flow through you.

Guided meditations with gentle imaginative visions of problems dissolved leaving you calm, relaxed and just a little more resilient to what the day might throw at you. Mo is a vibrant lover of life with a vast experience of the life-force ever present in all of us. Her in- depth knowledge of the physical body, natural energy flows and the connection of the two offer a very supportive experience to meditators of all levels."

Ian G - Knutsford